Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Uber v. Taxis

Here is a good one brought to you by the Onion, via Will. Thanks, Will.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Has Uber Peaked?

The employees of Uber that I've driven ask this question from time to time: Has Uber Peaked? In the digital world of bubbles, booms and busts there is always this kind of speculation. With Uber moving into a major office space in Oakland this is more than just an academic question. Many people's lives will be impacted in my neighborhood (there are 3 Uber drivers on my block and another one around the corner).

Here is the article (thanks to Dan for sending it my way):

Has Uber Peaked?

In other Uber news, the company is in a European war. France has arrested Uber execs and threatened them with 2 years in jail. London wants to make Uber riders wait 5 minutes before getting their hailed car. What is next, Italy nationalizing Uber?

Here is the Quartz article:

Uber Troubles