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Hi, my name is David Keller. Thank you for visiting Uberize Me. This is a site dedicated to sharing and comparing Uber stories. This site is focused on collecting stories and observations that can help to answer the question: How has Uber changed the world?

How Uberize Me got started...
In 2015 I found myself getting poorer and poorer and poorer. At the same time, I'm trying to buy a 2 bedroom, 1 bay house in Oakland. A teacher friend of mine, who was going through the same financial downsizing, suggested that we try driving for Uber. In the first months of 2015 Uber was getting a lot of press for being a good money making option for folks. So, we decided to give it a try during our "summer vacation."

Uber lessons...
As my road hours increased I began to make random observations about my experience as a driver and the customers or "clients" that I was inviting into my car. It took very little time to see that driving for Uber might reveal some interesting stories that many people wanted to hear. In fact, the most frequently asked question from "clients" has been: "What is it like to drive for Uber?"

Your Uber stories...
Because my own Uber perspective is somewhat limited, I've been craving to hear from others about their Uber experiences. Because Uber doesn't have an office water cooler, it is hard for drivers to share stories about their work day. So, if you drive for Uber I'd love to hear your story and maybe publish them on this blog. If you are a Uber user, I'd love to hear about what it is like riding in Uber vehicles. Please let me know about Your Uberization.

Has Uber changed the world?
Hopefully, an answer to that question can be found in our stories about driving and riding Uber.

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